A quick guide to Getting Started::

Your Documents:

If you did not upload your documents with your registration, here is a reminder of what we need:

You can send these in by email to drivers@terago.uk

  • DVLA Photocard Driving Licence – Front
  • DVLA Photocard Driving Licence – Reverse
  • TfL Private Hire or Taxi Driving Licence (Paper part)
  • Vehicle Registration Document (V5)
  • TfL Vehicle Licence
  • Valid MOT Certificate
  • A nice photograph of you for our files and you ID Badge
  • Valid Private Hire or Public Hire Insurance Certificate
  • Vehicle Hire Agreement (where applicable)
  • Enhanced DBS Certificate
  • First Aid Certificate if you have one
  • Safeguarding Level1 certificate if you have one
  • If you have a PATS and/or MIDAS certificate please also send these

The Driver Dashboard

You can now log on to the Driver Dashboard where you can find a number of useful resources and also forms to submit questions or upload documents. 

This can be found at: http://teamterago.uk

You will need to enter the password: 2020 to access the site.

Starting Work:

We will work as fast as possible to get you started: Once you have sent in all the required documents a Member of the Fleet Team will give you a welcome call.  You will then be sent a username and password for the Autocab Driver Companion app, which is the despatch system that we use.  You can download this App free from Google Play or the App store. 

You will then be ready to go with standard bookings.

Our Team are always here to help if required – just give us a call on 02080077940 or email drivers@terago.uk

Specialist Account Services (SAS)

In addition to our standard work we also provide home to school/college and ad-hoc services for a growing number of Councils and Contracting Authorities.  In order to be enabled for this type of work there are additional training requirements and in-car equipment required. 

We provide this training free of charge and you can complete this in your own time via online learning.  It does not take a great deal of time and your certification is valid for 3 years from the date of completion.


You will need to carry the following equipment onboard your vehicle:

  • Travel First Aid Kit to BSI 8599 Standards
  • Fire Extinguisher to BS EN3 or BS5423
  • Mobile Phone
  • Hygiene Pack – PPE Gloves, Bottled water, Dettol all in one aerosol (or equivalent), sick bags, wet wipes.
  • ID Badge & Lanyard (we will provide this)

If you are unable to provide this yourself we can normally provide this to you on loan. 

Training Requirements

You will need to hold a first aid certificate and have completed a Safeguarding Level 1 course in order to work with children and vulnerable adults.  In addition, we have our own comprehensive SAS training course that covers equality and diversity, disability awareness, safeguarding, and detailed guides for completing your journeys successfully.

You can access the training via our online training portal at:  http://teragotraining.com

To get started, choose the course you want to take and then click on ‘Log in to Enroll’:

You will then see the box below:

You will need to register for the first time by choosing a username and inputting your email address on the green section to the right.

Your password will be emailed to you and you can change this to something easier if you wish. Once registration is complete you will just need to complete the box on the left to log in.  You can then access and complete both the Safeguarding and Terago SAS training in your own time.  Once you have completed these 2 courses we will register you for the First Aid course which is externally provided and fully certified and accredited.